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Postby KR0NIK » Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:14 pm

thats no good sly..all the best for a recovery
could always hire a hot nurse to lift ya into ya f08 cockpit if need be :)

force cockpit is amusing
who else is not using cockpit view?
almost the best part of the game
with tripple head and any cars i can set my view to mimic the exact
same positon that my head would be if i was sitting in that car
by doing that i feel that lfs gives a much better experence
and a much better feeling of what the car is doing (understeering/floating/sliding /dipping under braking /and squatting on acceleration)
which with something like a lx is a big bonus
i would love if beyond my rx7 dashboard was an actuall view that i would see in r/l
but because it dont move i would have very little ( a road swaying side to side)
to gauge exactly what the car is actually doing
cockpit view will be the norm once ppl switch to wheels
proof you just have to look a forza 3s big push for cockpit views by scanning 400 odd car interiors

anyway like ive said probally wont be racing next series due to technical diffculitys
but if i was racing would quite like these things to be intake restricted
would probally make racing a bit closer fewer resets or dnfs and would probally
be eaiser to learn in these cars rather than jumping straight in the deep end
also like that setups can/have to be changed to suit the differences in speed between
unrestricted and restricted

loved targa town
wasnt boared with the city and certainy also felt like it was a great event for learning
weight penaltys worked wounders for close racing .and 1 second gap between 1st and last when qualing was unreal
would have been cool to use lx6 and see if the racing would have been as close (yeah right :)
didnt matter if you were mid pack or out front chances where who ever was infront or behind ya was running
about the same speed making for some interesting races
probally would have been cool to double the last endurance duration in southcity and call it a day
for that series....adding the last lottery event (which was a blast with standard sets) seemed not
to fit well with the whole theme of targa town and seemed worlds apart
only other thing i could fault was repeating some sections of track from previous week
seemed a bit tedious as could have easley been reversed but defanalty was good when tieing in a larger track
and being quite familiar with 1/2 or more of the track
big thumbs up for everyones effort into this series
well done thorns

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